Lesson Learned

Don’t you wish there was a time machine?  I don’t very often but this is just one of those days.

I made a comment on air regarding the fires in texas. I said three words after we did a weather update and it was  “bbq for everyone”.

I made two mistakes.

  1. Not knowing the full story.
  2. Making light of a tragedy.

Sadly it’s turned into the telephone game.  People are assuming I have no regard for human life or that I don’t care about the damage that has been done.  This is simply not the case.  I honestly didn’t know the full story of the fires.

This isn’t an excuse.

It’s me, admitting I should’ve done my research instead of just trying to make a quick one liner after something a cohost said.

Of course I understand what I said hurt many people.  I also understand that it was a stupid, dumb mistake.

And from the bottom of my heart I am sorry.  Trust me, I have spent the past 24 hrs crying and feeling sick to my stomach because of the entire situation.  Just because you don’t see a post of my face on social media doesn’t mean I’m hiding or “proud” of my comments.  I’m not.

It also doesn’t help that social media can make you seem like a person who doesn’t care for human life when you do.  Heck!  I am about to be a mom in a matter of weeks! I couldn’t imagine losing my husband like some people have to these devastating fires.

Again….I can say should’ve, could’ve, or would’ve all day long, but those are just excuses.

So at this point I can only say I am truly sorry.   I’m sorry the post for “Get Over It Day” happened before my remark so it seemed like we were telling people to deal with my on air comment.  That is simply not true.

And yes I know this post, our on-air apology, or the word sorry won’t be good enough for some and I’m ok with that. There are those who will read this and still think I’m not sincere.  But at this point I needed to get some things off my chest because it does hurt having people call me names and not knowing that I really do have a good heart and an appreciation for life of every kind.

It’s a tough lesson learned.